Beth Daranciang

for State Senate

46th Legislative District

I’m running to give voters an alternative—I’m committed to supporting lower taxes, transparency in government, public safety, rights of the vulnerable, freedoms of conscience, speech, and religion. Many voters, like me, have been ignored by our state representatives. They pass burdensome laws, making it harder for businesses to survive and for us to afford to live here.


We feel unheard as politicians pass a jobs tax, higher property taxes, ineffective homelessness plans, and dangerous heroin injection sites. I was dismayed by several harmful bills passed by the single-party-dominated legislature this year, including a bill legalizing child trafficking and two bills attacking our constitutional religious freedoms. Many citizens are standing up for the first time on their opposition to Seattle’s job-killing head tax, as well as many other taxes, that make it harder to afford to live in Seattle.


If elected, I pledge to listen to you and to protect your rights to be heard and the rights of the most vulnerable, especially our children.

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