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Protecting the Vulnerable

Money is all you need to buy babies in Washington state after the legislature passed SB 6037. You don't need to be genetically related, you don't need a criminal background check, you don't need to be from Washington or even the United States. No judge or agency is required to determine that you would be a fit parent.


You can buy as many babies as you want, choose whoever you want to put on the birth certificate as "intended parents" and then export them for any and all purposes.


Why did the Washington state legislature legalize such a travesty this year? If you didn't hear about it - and most people haven't - why not?

I support the protection of all people from conception until natural death.  I am a passionate supporter of both babies and women.  I oppose all government funding of Planned Parenthood, as they are the nation’s largest abortion provider and have been shown to ignore sexual abuse and to even sell the body parts of the babies they kill.


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